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More than 65% young couples need guidance from someone.


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  • Child’s academic performance as well as personal conduct can be visibly improved by up to 40% by changing home environment
Indicative illustration of two vital factors for child development
  • More than 80% young couples are not clear about their role and their strategy for parenting and steering the family
  • More than 65% school principals and administrators feel that there is something missing in education, but cannot pin-point what precisely it is.

That’s why…

  • Created the 3C framework for parenting and family management with 9+ years of working with 100s of parents
  • Designed this framework to function as an additional feature of schools to get measurable improvement in pupils’ academic performance and personal conduct through the use of the 3C framework
  • Converted the framework into a simple one-time subscription – yes, one-time life-long subscription for entire 18 crucial years!
  • Parenting becomes a joy, and, for the child, schooling years become memorable
  • Schools can be relieved of stress due to unwarranted indiscipline the roots of which are back in the child’s home environment
  • Child can blossom well not only scholastically, but also the three Cs – character, culture and citizen-hood

Mentors’ Questions

Just like a grand car is not good without air-conditioner; schooling system alone is incomplete without a parenting framework.

School subjects are required, but not everything that the child needs for personal growth; as illustrated here:

Even if parents (and schools too) are unable to express the need for mentoring, once they experience its positive influence, they will be ever grateful to you for your mentoring.

It brings the FAMILY to the center of strategy. Without this, parents keep giving undue weightage to child’s scores.

While school system works in ‘assembly line’ system. Mentoring is always ‘personalized’. This is not easy task, but meaningful one.

The magic happens because we define (1) the parent’s expectations from the child and (2) the family’s readiness for its future

For example, one of the tool that we use is to classify parents expectations from child as illustrated here –

Child is under pressure of expectations parents have. This is harmful.

Yes, parents may take this quick survey comprising of 12 yes-no questions. The more the number of NOs, the more likely that mentoring will be helpful.

This is only our brief response. Details are discussed in our induction and follow-up programs.

NO. Criticizing the school education system is not fair — for two simple reasons being (1) We are all are ourselves a product of school system (2) It’s not the fault of the single school alone — or to say it differently — we became successful in life because of education + something else added to it. The ‘something-else‘ is THE FAMILY.

The-3C-School.places the FAMILY in the core. Result?

  1. The FUTURE & CULTURE of family is secured
  2. Parents well aware of their ROLE in managing child’s education as well as all-round personal growth
  3. That much-needed SOMETHING EXTRA which is not within expertise of education or school system

You will be able to find your own inspiration when we discuss every detail in the orientation program –

  • What are three road-maps for your followers – The3C-Eager, The3C-Plus and The3C-Elite
  • What are the components of the 3C Framework; and its instant / long-term positive impact
  • What is expected from you as mentor
  • How do you as mentor give your best within your own busy schedule – the in-built flexibility in the system
  • The financial rewards associated with it – how can you begin earning from the day-1
  • And, your questions; plus lot more

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The 3C School is one-stop solution –

  • If, as a family you want to be nothing less than a GREAT FAMILY – driven by correct values and work ethic, where children get best environment to accomplish their true potential, where the family earns respect in society too.
  • If you want to start an independent small school for a very small investment with ROI of one year – a school suitable for kids of entrepreneurs, creatives and future-oriented couples.
  • If as a school director, you want your pupils to have supportive environments back at their home; because you know that such an environment is essential element for getting best conduct and scholastic performance from students