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Schooling is good; but not enough. Discerned parents know their kids need school+

Plus, Something, Else.

The 3C School brings in the crucial “something else” – the differentiator.

Don’t take our words

As a school owner / parent, it will be easy for you to conduct this experiment –

  1. Identify 20 children – 10 who have good academic performance (who effortlessly understand the concepts) + have decent personal conduct; and 10 who have just the opposite traits.
  2. Now, try and find out the root cause for this difference.
  3. You will find that it is school education + something else added to it that makes the difference.

This SOMETHING ELSE is what the 3C School provides – the differentiator – It brings the FAMILY to the center of education’s scheme of things.

This tiny add-on can bring in the much-needed balance between schools and families.

Dear parents & school directors,

There are ideologies (for example, homeschooling) that completely reject the school system claiming it to be redundant and ineffective. Hundreds of books and TED talks are available today on this theme. Outright rejection isn’t fair for the simple reason that all of us reading these lines are a product of the same schooling system.

However, the silent crisis of kids’ academic performance and poor personal conduct continues to haunt parents and principals. We need to act together to fix this – because it is COMPLEX problem, it is a SCATTERED problem, and it is a TERMINAL problem.

Inviting you to join / organize the upcoming induction session where we will cover –

  • An overview of the 3C Framework for parenting – its components and its instant / long-term positive impact
  • Financials – for individual mentors and for 3C Ecosystem Schools – from the 100% free tier to two paid tiers and ROIs
  • Three trajectories (road-map) that mentees have – depending on socio-economic factors and expectations from school

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