Please select this model as a value addition to schooling if –

  • As a parent you do not want to take the risk of withdrawing your child for traditional school
  • Yet, in one corner of your heart you know that schooling is not enough, and even hurting all-round development of your child
  • Hence, as a parent, you want to walk that extra mile. You have confidence as well ability; and with little support that The 3C system provides, you’ll be able to ensure that your family and child has THE BEST from both the worlds – traditional school and value add-on from parenting.

There are quite a few habits and attributes that we acquire from a social process, and not from formal education. Here, at the 3C Social School

Joy of spending time usefully

3-7 quick illustrated discussions of maximum 10 minutes + Lifelong usefulness.

Parents’ Guide To Managing Child’s Education: Part-1

First step towards getting rid of stress & worry about child’s education

The Great family 101

Compatibility, Collaboration and the Family Constitution. Well begun is half done

The First Financial Habit For Every family

ONLY ONE habit that every family must (and can easily) develop for financial well-being of the family.

Glossary Of Sanatan Dharm – Part-1

The first 100 terms that every parent must be able to explain to the kids

Dozens of other useful modules are at works. Please come back again